Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Cool Pool!

Well, we finally got some hot weather (95... close to 100!) So luckily most of the stores have their pools and things for 1/2 off. We went for a pool we can empty right after we use it, and big enough to get wet in. It is 2 1/2 ft deep and deep enough for little Noah and Jackson. Bailey, unfortunately she is way too tall for it. She is only 9 and pretty close to my height, so she has to kneel to get in it.... poor girl. They are good sports and love to get wet, no matter where or what kind it is.
Last summer the pools got really bad. There was a huge out break of crypto here in Utah. I know, pretty nasty.

But thats what happens when no one has their own pools and everyone goes to the public pools to swim. I have tried to keep my kids away from the public pools, there are just sooooo many people!
Yes, my boys do have "farmer tans". After all, we do live in the Farm Lands here and when it wasn't even warm enough to swim until June, then this is what you get. I am sure by the time July is over (we are supposed to hit 100 on the 4th) they will be brown little buggers, just like last year. Hey, they never wear shoes so their feet are tan at least!!

Here is Jackson using the goggles even though he won't go under water unless he accidentally falls in. Which is hilarious in itself because he will have this look of total FEAR on his face, then when he comes up acts like he was cool with that and that he meant to do it. Funny boy. I have never had a kid that tries to be so tough and invincible as Jackson does. I know he is the youngest of 4 boys, but he sure won't let anyone know he is hurt. He is the only one that stands up to Marcus, and that causes so much conflict.

This picture totally depicts Noah. So laid back and just along for the ride. He does have to put Jackson in his place here and there, but he takes Jackson with him almost everywhere he goes. No matter what friend he goes to play with he always asks if he can take Jackson with him. I just can't imagine what they would do with out each other. They seem lost when the other is gone. Kinda scary, but through these last couple of years, they have learned to depend on each other.
I enjoy them all so much!

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Nancy said...

It looks like they are enjoying the pool so much! I want one! ... and grass... LOL