Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What a day, we left around 6:30 this morning to get there in time for blood drawn and a iv put in before the MRI. It usually takes about 30 minutes for Marcus to have his MRI, but today it took longer, and Marcus said they did something different that they don't normally do. To me that indicated a red flag.... After going to get some breakfast and browsing some stores, we went back to clinic where it is ALWAYS a long wait. We sat and talked to Lynn who is the Brain Tumor coordinator/nurse practitioner. After waiting for about an hour, Lynn told us that the Dr.'s were down in Radiology discussing his films with the radiologist.... Another thing to make my stomach turn. They don't do that too often. FINALLY, Dr. Yaish came in and said that most of the scan looks good. There is one part on the scan that indicates that there is some swelling, or thickening but no enhancement which means it is not growing quickly. We are just going to have to watch it closely.
As far as his symptoms, I am pretty sure they are caused from stress and the medication he has been on. We are going to play around and see if taking his pill earlier at night will help him in the morning, plus he will be eating some crackers before he gets up (yeah, just like good ol morning sickness).
By the way, Dr. Bruggers is back!!!!! YAY! She came in and talked to us for a while. She went down to see the scans with Dr. Yaish so I feel so much better to have her back. She looked quite pale so I think she has been very sick, but no one knows exactly.... well, no one says anything. She kept saying the scans look "encouraging", so that is great. She is the one that I really like and I feel like I can trust. I hope she is able to come back full time and able to be around when we need her.
All I can say is.......... I am soooooooo tired of this roller coaster ride. It really is hard on us mentally and physically to go threw a day like today. I was expecting the worst, especially after all the waiting for Dr.'s and knowing they were looking at the scans downstairs, I was expecting him to say.... "its back". Dr. Bruggers said that if his symptoms get worse in the next few weeks that they will do another MRI then. She said, "after all.... we are dealing with a nasty, nasty tumor and we know it can do anything anytime." That also puts so much pressure on me, I should say us, but I am the one that makes the decisions as to what we let Marcus do. He has 3 more days of all day Marching band, it is hot and then I have to let him go to Snow College in Ephrim, Utah for 6 days? UUGGHHH.. I hate not knowing what to do, how can I NOT let him go? It is his last year in Band, if he doesn't go to Band camp, he is out of the band because that is where they learn the whole show. I HAVE to let him go!

Well, enough rambling.... we made it and he is OK!! WHEW! Hawaii HERE WE COME!


alligood said...

I am so relieved that you got better news than you feared! I've been thinking about you this week. Enhancement is no good, but it's better than 'it's back'!

gaohui said...

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