Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Very Moving

Yes, I have been putting nothing but blah and sad things on my blog, but it has been a very sad and tough week.
Today was Clarissa's funeral, what a beautiful service. I was amazed at the strength of her family. Each of them spoke or participated somehow. They all spoke of her as determined as well as spiritual. The oldest girls, ages 16 and 13, gave tributes to their sister and I thought I was listening to adults. What love and adoration they had for her. The music was beautiful and the flowers were gorgeous. They had pictures of Clarissa everywhere and video of pictures of her growing up. Her metals and soccer trophies were displayed as well as her pictures playing. It was a difficult but yet healing to see her family so strong. Here is a poem that was printed on the back of the program that was written by Clarissa's 13-yr old sister.

I know that you've been asking
"Why did God do this to me?
I've been told that I'm his daughter
Who he loves so tenderly.
If that's the case
Why can't he just
Make it go away?
I know he can,
I've got the faith,
And yet, the tumor stays."

He is aware of all your suffering,
And he listens to your prayers.
It breaks his heart, as it breaks mine
When you think he doesn't care.
He's just sending his love-filled blessings
In a different sort of way.
He blesses you through others
Through the presents, and every time they pray.

So don't ever feel like he doesn't care
He just knows what is best
He wants to help;he knows you're strong,
And this is your life's test.

-Jocelyn Packer


Nancy said...

Wow, that poem is amazing! How many 13 year olds have that much wisdom and faith. Remarkable.

I'm glad that you went to the funeral and that it was a nice service. I'm so sad that Clarissa died, though.

(((hugs))) to you and your boys (of course that includes John).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we can all learn something from this. Life is short and it's our test to see how we handle life's trials. It's not what happens to us, but how we handle what happens. I enjoyed the poem and wish that I could have been to the funeral. Hang in there, Girl! You too, can do this! I know that you can! You can handle it well! Love you all! MOM