Thursday, May 07, 2009

Women's Conference

Every year, the Relief Society along with Brigham Young University put together a conference, or like a retreat for only women. This was my first experience going and I went with my dear friend, Julie Earl. We had so much fun. We stayed in the dorms, where the freshmen boys live when school is in session, so when we walked into the bathroom and saw urinals, it felt really strange. So we had to take a picture of us standing by one. How often do you get a chance to see those??
Anyway, the sessions were amazing and I learned so much. I guess it wasn't quite learning, it was more of feeling. What an amazing opportunity to sit with over 18,000 women from all over the country, (most I think were from utah) and listen, learn and feel each others spirits and support. A lot of families have little reunions there with Mothers, Grandmothers, daughters, old college friends, neighbors. We heard a lot of squeals in the halls as women would run into someone they hadn't seen in a long time.
One night they put on a concert and it was soooo amazing!! Brian Asher, and a few others from the "Reflections of Christ" display, performed "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing"... Yes I cried. Eclipse an acapella group sang some fun music, a woman on the violin played some beautiful movie songs and one of my favorite was Hilary Weeks. She is so cute, lively and so amazing with her songwriting and vocals. She has a new album and new song called "If I only had today". What a beautiful song! I almost sobbed, but it really was amazing.
The next day we were able to hear from the General R.S. president, Julie Beck. She doesn't hold anything back and tells it like it is. One thing that stood out in my mind is that she told us that we shouldn't sit back and be a victim to pornography. We need to stand up and fight! Fight for our homes to be a safe haven and fight to keep evil out. It was just a great talk. Then that afternoon we heard from L. Tom Perry, one of the council of the 12 in the Church. What a privilege to hear from him and feel his presence there. It was an amazing few days and exactly what I needed.

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