Saturday, May 23, 2009

Noah's "all boy" party.

Crazy boys! Noah's birthday was April 28th, but since I went to Women's Conference right after that, we postponed Noah's party. He decided that he needed to do an "ALL GUYS" evening. Bowling is one of the things he really likes to do, so we planned it at Logan Lanes. He invited his "bro's" and we got things rolling. Unfortunately, this time of year is sooooo hard to get around everyone's schedules with Soccer and Baseball going on. It's tough, so I know there were a few who didn't make it.
Noah did really well and beat everyone except for his Dad, of course. So now my Noah is 10 years old! The big double digits!!! I think I felt a lot more gray hair grow in just now.
Noah is taking piano lessons and doing well. He just ran the Wellsville Mile where a few hundred 4th graders ran and he came in 13th overall. He did a great job!! He is my big sports nut! Football is what he wants to play the most, but he is so small, I have hesitated to put him in. Maybe this fall I will let him. He is very athleticly minded, so I am hoping that means he will know how to get away from the big bad guys who can run him over and hurt him!!
I am very proud of him. Noah has always been my peacemaker and one who will always befriend the new kids

He is a good big brother and takes Jackson with him everywhere he goes. If any of his friends don't want to play with Jackson, then he will leave with Jackson and not play with them. He is an amazing child.

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