Saturday, May 23, 2009


Tulips and lilacs are signs of Spring. Unfortunately they both came out late this year. We usually have them in full bloom by Noah's birthday which is April 28th. This year we had lots of cold weather and we fell behind in the weather by almost 6 weeks. My tulips are pretty much the only flowers I have planted in my front yard, so they are pretty much gone by May. Sometime I will find something else that will bloom just as big in the summer.

Aaron and Stella our kitty. Stella has really taken a liking to the outdoors and has made a few friends outside, except for the dogs!

Yes, this is a picture of myself and my Stella. She has been such a great comfort to me through out all of this. She knows when I need a good cuddle and follows me around the house. I have come to love and appreciate so many things in this world. I know that God made many things so beautiful and loving to make us happy and feel joy while we are here on earth. Grieving through the long winter has taught me to look forward to the days of spring and the signs of hope that surround me. It all is a lesson of the way I can look forward to the next life where I will hold my sweet boy Marcus again.

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