Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am just sick!

I belong to a group (online) of mothers who had babies in Jan. of '02. We have known each other since pregnancy of our babies and we still remain friends (over 6 years). Well, one of those mothers lives in Peoria, Az. She knows about Marcus's Make-A-Wish where we will be going to Mesa, Az. for Marcus to fly in Aerobatic planes and learn to dog fight. I found a post from her upset because one of those planes crashed on May 9th killing both people on board. She wasn't sure when we were going to be there, so she thought it could have been us! She posted the article and it is the exact company that we are going to! I am just sick to my stomach...literally. I really don't know what is going to happen with our trip that is scheduled for June 5th, but I don't think we will be going!

Anyway, here is the article from the Arizona Repuplic:
(here is the link if you want to watch the video about it)

A small aerobatic plane crashed about seven miles east of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, killing two people Friday afternoon as the crew of a medical helicopter watched.

Kore Redden, a spokeswoman with Rural/Metro Fire Department, said a crew aboard a LifeNet I helicopter saw the single-engine plane go down in the desert, then circled and landed to see if they could help.

She said the two people on board were already dead from massive trauma. A Mesa Police helicopter flew Queen Creek firefighters to the remote scene, where they confirmed the fatalities.
Redden said the victims, both men, were found 10 to 20 feet from the wreckage with one parachute deployed. Mike Minter with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office said the two-seater plane nose-dived into the desert floor about five miles northeast of Ocotillo and Schnepf roads.

The Extra EA-300 single-engine, high-performance plane had left the airport at 12:43 p.m. They were returning to Mesa when the plane crashed at about 2:30 p.m. under unknown circumstances, said Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. There was no communication with air traffic controllers prior to the crash, he said.

Redden said the aircraft is owned by Fighter Combat International. The company's Web site said it is based at the Mesa airport and offers thrill rides ranging from $469 to $1,574. The Web site touts the service as "The Ultimate Guy Gift."

John Walkup of Chandler Air Service, a flight school company at Chandler Municipal Airport, said the company had carved out a niche selling specialty rides.

"That's all they do is take people up for rides and do special things," he said. "Those airplanes have the ability to do every maneuver known to God times ten."

Walkup said the Valley is a hotbed for aerobatics.

"The entire aerobatic community will be very upset," he said. "They have a job to do and they've been doing it well for quite a few years."

Brian Sexton, an airport spokesman, said the company has been a tenant since 2003.

Minter said the crash site had rough terrain accessible only by four-wheel-drive vehicles or helicopter.


Nancy said...

Oh my word! I hadn't heard about this. I don't blame you for being so sick over it.

Please let me know what I can do to help. Call me tomorrow (erm... today!)

Love ya, sis.

The Mom said...

Hey Karen, is there anything I can do to help? It does sound so scary but I wonder what the odds would be. Don't you think that they take every precaution? Oh!!! so much to chew on. And poor Marcus as well. You have way too much on your plate sister!!! I just sit here all day long, call me at 435-770-7017 and let's chat. love, Tauna

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings, however, I work in Aviation and I can tell you that there are far fewer airplane accidents than car accidents. You have a much greater chance getting injured driving to the airport than flying. The company that flies out of Mesa has a good reputation and trust me, they do everything in their power to make things safe. I would strongly encourage you to allow your child to fly. Given the nature of his flight, it sounds like its a big dream to him. I know it seems scary, but honestly, I worry much more each day about driving than I do flying. Aircraft are checked daily by highly qualified mechanics. Cars typically are not.