Friday, May 23, 2008

A very sad, sad day.

This morning our neighbor, Clarissa Packer (age 11) passed away. She had a brain tumor, the same kind as Marcus, that was inoperable. She went quickly, which is a blessing for her, I guess. She was brave and such a trooper. She went out with her family everywhere and when she was given her wheel chair she mainly pushed it. She was just given her hospital bed this last Monday, that same day she wanted to go for a walk. So she and her mom pushed her wheelchair for over a mile! Tuesday she wanted to climb a tree, so her tiny little mom helped her up into a tree. (she has been blind for a few months)Yesterday she slept a lot, but was pretty coherent and was able to tell her family what she wanted to say and gave them things. She passed this morning. What a gift to be able to spend your last week doing the things she wanted and not having to sit in a bed for weeks like a vegetable. I know that she had been asking her mom if it was ok to pray to Heavenly Father that she could die quickly. Her prayers have been answered.

I just added this.... Here is the website with her obituary and photo. She was a beautiful girl.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh so sad. My prayers for the family.

Nancy said...

Mom called last night to see if Jess had made it home (which we had) and she told me about Clarissa dying. Your post put me to tears. How hard for her loved ones that she is gone but it's wonderful that she spent the last days of her life doing what she wanted to do. I know this hits so close to home for you and I empathize with you. Just know that you, as well as Clarissa's family, as in my thoughts and prayers.

How is Marcus taking the news?

alligood said...

I saw her obit. and just cried - such a sweet little girl. Since you know the family, do you know of anything they need? Warren and I were feeling like we wanted to help somehow, but don't have any idea what might be helpful. I DO think it is a blessing that she went quickly and was able to spend her last days doing what she wanted to do.